Lingual Pliers

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Bracket Removing Plier (9551)

The narrow sharp tips, wedgebetween the edges of the bracketbase and tooth surface to removedirect bond brackets safely andcomfortably...

Cinch Back Plier – Large Wire (9541)

The serrated tips of this instrumenthold the wire securely while bendingthe wire 90º distally to the buccal tube,avoiding patient discomfort.For use with wires from .016” (.41mm)up to .021” x .025” (.55 x .64mm)...

Flush Cut Distal End Cutter (9581)

The flush cut feature of this instrumentallows the archwire to be cut flush to thebuccal tube, eliminating the possibility ofpatient discomfort resulting from archwireprotrusion. The Tungsten Carbide inserted tipsensure precision and perfect tip alignment.Minimum Cutting Capacity:ix958 - .016” (.41mm),ix958s .012” (.30mm)Maximum Cutting Capacity:ix958 archwires up to .021” x .025”(.55 x .64mm)ix958s archwires up to .016” x .025”(.41 x .64mm..

Micro Long Handled Ligature Cutter (9111L)

Maximum Cutting Capacity: soft wireup to .012” (.30mm)Caution: This delicate instrumentis designed for the removal of softstainless steel ligatures to amaximum of .012” diameter...

Mini Ligature Cutter 60º Angle Lower (9571)

The narrow tip is angled at 60º forexcellent access to the lower arch.The inserted tips ensure precisioncutting of ligature wires and elastics.Maximum Cutting Capacity:soft wire up to .012” (.30mm)..

Weingart 60° Angle (9501)

Small serrated tips are angled at60° for easy access in the posteriorregion. Maximum .018” (.46mm)wire...