Pin & Ligature

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Micro Ligature Cutter

The small, narrow and sharp pointedtips allow easy access to the mostdifficult areas. The inserted tips ensureprecision cutting of ligature wire &elastics.Maximum Cutting Capacity: soft wireup to .012” (.30mm)..

Multi-Use Cutter 205-105

Designed to cut soft-archwire, pins, and ligature archwire up to .015" (.38 mm)...

Pin/Ligature Cutter Straight (3188)

Pin and ligature orthodontic cutters are designed to cut soft wires, elastic ligatures and pins on orthodontic appliances.These cutters may be straight or angled, most commonly with a 15° or 45° angle, tapered for difficult to reach areas, and may feature a sliding lock joint or a box joint. The tips may be tungsten carbide for superior grip or have diamond-honed edges for flawless cutting. ..