Utility Pliers

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How Plier Angled (2144)

How Angled tips for convenient access to lingual and other difficult to reach areas. Matching serrated tips hold wires firmly at a convenient working angle...

How Plier Straight (2111)

A versatile utility plier with a long tapered tips.Diameter tips are serrated to prevent wire slippage..

Jarabak Plier (1277)

Jarabak orthodontic pliers designed for bending and closing loops on lighter wires up to 0.020 inches in diameter.The tips have a tapered beak, ideal for tight loop forming and closing. The jaws are serrated for precise gripping and bending of archwires. ..

Lingual Arch Forming (1877)

Designed to form double-back and triple-back bends in either .030″ or .036″ wire for inserting in lingual sheaths...

Tweed Plier 1.5MM (1844)

Designed for torquing and bending square or rectangular wires. The blades are designed to be parallel at .020" opening.• Can be used on wires up to .021" x .025" (.55 x .64mm)...